Self-learning series

Incredible YOU!

Do you know how truly amazing that you are? This session is all about YOU! (and maybe also a few of the favourite people in your life) wink wink!

A few more words about this series.

What makes your friends great? Did you know that we often see qualities in others because we first have these same qualities in ourselves? This series will help your child understand how incredible they are and what they are truly capable of!
Age recommendations: 8-16 (younger kids can participate in this, however parents may need to help the younger children)
Awareness allows you to be more of who you already are!

Course contents

Tara Cooper

Facilitator, Teacher & Cheerleader!
Tara Cooper was an elementary school teacher for a decade, and she has been a parent and a business owner since 2007. She has never stopped learning and growing as a person. She continues to love teaching others (no matter what age)...and her favourite subjects to teach all have to do with our personal growth and self awareness and our unlimited potential!

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