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Indigenous Education, Reconsilliation and Respect

A few more words about this course

The truth that you know today, will change as you learn. Don't be ashamed of what you don't already know. The majority of Canadians can likely admit that they don't know much, yet.

"As long as you are willing to recognize the truth as you know it today and you continue to learn, you are an ally" Tara's Western University Professor J. Witte

Until we can build a set of free independent learning opportunities for children/teens (age appropriate), we wanted to provide parents & teachers with some helpful resources that allow us all to be more informed. For the purpose of this introduction to Indigenous Education, we hope that you will increase your level of understanding even another 5% than what you currently have today. We are all starting exactly where we are now. The fact that you are even interested in increasing your own understanding shows that you wish to be part of the better future we all deserve to have together.

Until our easy to follow content is built, we hope parents, teachers, aunts, uncles, grandparents etc. all appreciate the abundance of knowledge we can gain from these shared resources, starting with the word Indigenous.

When we eventually build our courses for children to follow, we will cover the following areas (not limited to):
  • Reconsilliation & Trust
  • History of Residential Schools
  • Indigenous Peoples and their culture (including teachings from Elders)
  • How can we help create change?
  • How can we continue to learn to fill in the gaps?
  • How can we honour Indigenous Culture today?

Course contents

Tara Cooper

Facilitator, Teacher & Cheerleader!
Tara Cooper was an elementary school teacher for a decade, and she has been a parent and a business owner since 2007. She has never stopped learning and growing as a person. She continues to love teaching others (no matter what age)...and her favourite subjects to teach all have to do with our personal growth and self awareness and our unlimited potential!

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