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About Us

In 2014 our vision for this was started. All it takes is a small spark...and over time, we either take action on our dream/vision or we walk away from it.

When Hannah (Tara's oldest) was in grade 2, she was struggling with being able to use her voice and was being controlled by others. She was often upset because she thought she had to do what others told her to do, even if it wasn't feeling right for her.

Tara decided that it was time to create strategies to help Hannah understand that it is okay to say no and to make the decisions that felt right for her.

At that time as Tara, Hannah, Jack and Katelyn started to brainstorm ideas about how to feel better about using their own voice with peers and adults...we realized that this could become a "club".

We talked about a Moral Compass Kids club for many years and we almost let fear stop us. (well ok, Tara almost let fear stop us...the kids wanted to go ahead with it all along).

So here we are now...not quite a club, because we are not meeting in person with others (as we planned to originally), but as everything does, we evolve - and we've evolved to become an online "club".

Our partnerships

We have a vision to eventually be able to offer support (through training/courses & mentoring as well as funding for our students of our programs who wish to build their own business. This is only the beginning of what we believe will be!
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